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Our NORDIC WORKING GROUPS will be looking at the most important issues facing our industry today. The format for these groups is outlined below and allow an opportunity for members to engage on these key issues with other suppliers and colleagues from across the region.


Working group # 1 - Tourism Resources Shortage

Attracting and recruiting talent back to our industry for the future


The Covid pandemic highlighted the vulnerability and instability of our industry and many tourism professionals looked to other industries for future careers. As a result, we are faced not only with an immediate short-term staffing crisis but also longer-term shortage of tourism talent.


Discussion Points

  • How do we promote tourism as a long-term career-choice?

  • How do we put excitement back into an industry now largely reliant on technology?

  • What is the best way to train and motivate the next generation of tourism professionals?

  • How do we engage with universities/colleges to ensure courses are relevant and attractive?

  • How can we show that tourism can be a powerful force for good for prospective employees?

  • How do we best incorporate sustainable tourism in our offering?

Working group participants:

Keith Beecham - LVG

Roberta Perez - Nordic Ways

Paul Taylor - Unique Hotels

Siri Tallaksen- Visit Norway

Frank Cornelissen- Lund Gruppen

Nici Pagels - Profitroom

Anne Koivisto- Norwegian Travel Group

Sam Allen - Jacobs Media Group

Samantha Williams - Profitroom

Time frame:  6 months

Meetings:  Once every 2 months for 2 hours

Output:  Recommendations to the Nordic Council, NTO's, Media, Nordic and European trade



Working Group # 2 - Nordic Sustainability

Recognising a world leading sustainable destination


The Nordic tourism industry has invested heavily in sustainable products and concepts and intelligence companies tell us how important sustainability is to travellers - but this has not converted to bookings. Should we be demonstrating that sustainability is the only route for tourism to take? What are best practices moving forward and how do we incorporate them into a Nordic USP to encourage engagement with our clients?


Discussion Points

  • How do we market sustainable progress to the rest of the world and to the rest of our industry?

  • How do we ensure that sustainable tourism is both consumer-demand driven and supply led? 

  • Are there specific market and sector demographics we should be looking to? 

  • Should we create a Nordic-wide sustainable tourism manifesto? 

  • How can we incorporate public-transport options across the region?

  • How do we engage with the universities and colleges to ensure courses are relevant and attractive

  • How can we incorporate sustainability into our training and marketing?

  • Is carbon-offsetting just greenwashing or is there a role?

  • How do we define greenwashing in our region


Working group participants:

Patrick Richards - Terraverde

Laura Spundere- Latgales

Oddný Arnarsdóttir - Visit Iceland

Christel Vidø- Bellagroup

Sintija Pusaudze- Liepaja

Oddhild Breivik- Ålesund

Denis Englund- Visit Denmark

Jesper Ersbäck- Nordic Choice Hotels

Masako Takayanagi - Fjord Tours Group

Time frame:  6 months

Meetings:  once every 2 months for 2 hours

Output:  Recommendations to the Nordic Council, NTO's, Media, Nordic and European trade


If you would like more information on the work of either group, please leave a comment in our forum

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