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WEBINAR  - The importance of preserving Nordic cultural heritage in Nordic tourism with WTACH
Online, 5th October 2022, 09:00 BST / 10:00 CEST

One of the most important aspects of tourism and why visitors choose destinations is cultural heritage. In this webinar we will hear how important this is to tourism globally and look at how tourism itself can ensure that the worlds unique attributes, history and cultural values are celebrated and preserved for generations to come. Join us as we take a trip around the Nordic and Baltic region and look at how we are striving to protect cultural heritage in these diverse regions.



  •    The importance of preserving our cultural heritage and their assets

  •    How to boost tourism through promotion of cultural heritage

  •    The importance of Pan Nordic and Pan Baltic heritage for future travellers



  •    Nigel Fell, President and CEO, WTACH

  •    Susanna Markkola, Manager of regional partnerships and Cultural tourism, Visit Finland

  •    Ausra Grikšaitė, Lithuania Travel

  •    Gunhild Stensmyr, Founder and owner, Arthotel and The Art Gallery in Tornedalen in Northern Sweden

  • Stine Selmar Andersen, Founder, Sustine Consult Sustainability

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