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Our industry has been transformed by the CV19 pandemic.  Consumer and trade demand has changed as has the very nature of travelling itself.  To compete successfully in the post-CV19 environment, tour operators must have the most up to date market information and will be required to be competitive, skilled-up and adaptable.   


What you will learn

  • Which markets and which sectors will be first to travel

  • What will the new traveller look like and how will they travel?

  • What products will they be looking for?

  • How do I go about product creation

  • How do I market and sell my existing and new products

  • Which markets should I focus on

  • What about sustainability, how do I go about creating such products



  • Online training

  • Lecture modules

  • Presentation materials 

  • Training workbooks for all

  • Interactive questions 

  • Completion certificate