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Sustainable tourism - Nordic accommodation

Online, Tuesday, 28th February 2023, 09:00 GMT / 10:00 CET

The Nordic region is one of the world's leading destinations for sustainable tourism and the products available for travellers looking for those holidays of the future are in abundance.  We focus our attention on showcasing the amazing examples of sustainability and nature in the region, this webinar will focus on accommodation.


A fantastic panel of experts are ready to show you their products, divulge information on what those travellers who are looking North are now searching for and how important collaboration is for the future of sustainable tourism.​



Rolf Arne Leer - CEO, Hvilepust

Ivaylo Lefterov - Hotel Development Director, Svart

Sam Radstake Nissen - General Manager, Comfort Hotel Solna, House of Choice

Sylvia Adams - Amazing Nature Scandinavia

Andrew Fairburn - Nordic Tourism Collective, Moderator

Paul Wagner - Nordic Tourism Collective, Moderator

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