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Image by Robynne Hu

CHINA-The imminent return of the Chinese Market 

Online, Tuesday, 14th February 2023, 09:00 BST / 10:00 CEST

Following the recent change in Government Covid policy, the China outbound market is on the brink of restarting.

With a line-up of expert panelists on the Chinese market, we discuss the when, who, how and where of the new Chinese market, looking at the potential, the challenges and how we should all prepare for their imminent return in Europe.

How will the Chinese market open up in the coming months?

Will there be Visa delays for Chinese visitors? 

How will airlines increase their capacity 

What will be the key segments? which will be the first to come back as the recovery begins

Will there be a change to the patterns of Chinese visitors post covid? 

How price sensitive will the Chinese travellers be as they return to Europe

What can European destinations and products do in preparation for the return of the Chinese Market


Cindy Zhu - Founder and CEO of Global Match

Rixin JIANG 姜日鑫 - CEO Nordic Friend, Shanghai

Bing Wu - Business Director -  HCG International Travel Service GmbH

Marco De Rivo - Executive Director Miki Travel

Nancy Dai - ForwardKeys

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