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With abundant natural wonders, exclusive accommodations, private excursions and cutting-edge cuisine, the Nordic countries offer an array of unique experiences that are able to impress even the most sophisticated world traveler.



Today, the concept of Luxury or high-end travel has many different meanings and, as the definition of luxury evolves, the luxury traveller of today is just as likely to be a millennial in search of an eco-vacation who is willing to sleep in a bunk bed, as it is to be a wealthy individual/family seeking comprehensive amenities and services.

A new definition of luxury or high end is emerging and is centred now around experiences and exclusivity. While product characteristics still remain critical, the defining element of luxury now centres on the quality and uniqueness of the experience.


Luxury has thus become interchangeable with the notion and expectation of increasing rarity and exclusivity. Instead of collecting objects, high-end travellers of today and increasingly of tomorrow, are now collecting unique experiences. Experiences that no-one else is able to enjoy. Experiences that will be the envy of others.  In all cases, curating something that appeals on a specific and personal level that goes above the normal notion of travelling, is key.


25th MAY | 9.00AM CEST | online

This workshop is the first Nordic wide event dedicated to the key sector of high end and luxury. We will be bringing together those suppliers from the Nordic & Baltic region who have products designed for this segment as well as global buyers who are actively looking for high-end and luxury products. The workshop will enable suppliers to meet buyers from European, American and Asian markets and buyers to meet suppliers from across the whole Nordic region.


Date and time  - 25th May / 09.00 – 17:00 CEST

Workshop structure 17 appointments x 17 minutes duration

Buyers from all international markets

Suppliers from All Nordic and Baltic destinations

Prices are €295 for supplier members and €395 for supplier non-members

High-end and luxury specialist buyers are FOC

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