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The workshop focus was to show how important the MICE industry is for the region and how Heart of Lapland DMO members could remodel their products with a MICE oriented focus.


The workshop showed the attendees how to attract, adapt, and find the identity of a destination, so they all could understand what strengths Heart of Lapland has to offer as a destination. We also focused on the importance of networking, sharing experiences and offering the level of services expected by each client.


The workshop was hosted at Filipsborg Mansion, lunch was served in the main house with a beautiful view of Kalix, and the afternoon coffee, our traditional ”fika”, took place around the bonfire in a very traditional local tent. The last discussion panel had a great mix of perspectives: Swedish Lapland, Vy, Polar Explorer and Nordic Ways wrapped up answering some important questions for the future of travel in the region.

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As DMOs across the globe continue to rebrand from destination marketing organisations to embrace the importance of being destination management organisations, the Virtual PATA Destination Marketing Forum 2021 celebrates this trend with the theme of “Experiences that Inspire.”


The Virtual PATA Destination Marketing Forum 2021 embraces a two-day conference which includes three virtual tours. This event brings together industry professionals and visitors to continue taking ownership of their travel experiences and create bigger impacts for their host destinations and communities during their personal journeys for self-development.


Along with the conference, there are three Virtual Tours that will take you to experience Sarawak’s culture and heritage:


  • Tour 1: Chase the Adrenaline

  • Tour 2: Tellian, The Soul of Mukah

  • Tour 3: The Beads of Sarawak in Kampung Long Tuma & Authentic Desserts of

          Kampung Awat-Awat.


After the virtual tour, you can enjoy quizzes and win a prize from our host, the Sarawak Tourism Board.


The Virtual PATA Destination Marketing Forum 2021 will discuss various topics that includes:


  • Moving Beyond Destination Marketing to Destination Management

  • Destination Case Studies on Sustainability from Asia Pacific

  • Shinta Mani Wild: How One Hotel Changed a Destination

  • Best Practices of COVID-19 Recovery

  • Digital Marketing Master Class


To secure your space, please complete the online registration at the earliest, as seats for the event are limited. For more details on the Virtual PATA Destination Marketing Forum 2021, please click here.


We look forward to e-meeting you and helping you build your network, business and insights.